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Sample (1oz), 4oz Bag

This mica requires no capping of any kind and is compatible for our System 82 Float Glass Glassy Cuts AND all float glass. That means you can use it to create projects with float glass from your local glass shop. See the shop page for our books or more on our How to page.
Whichever system you are using; 82 float/window, 96, or Bullseye, you will fuse the No-Cap Mica with the same firing schedule you typically use for that system. (Each is only compatible with it's designated system/COE.)

No-Cap Mica is easy to use. It is fine but concentrated, so you may find you'll need less than regular frit powders to get the full effect.

It works on clear glass, colored glass, over other sifted frits, and over previously fused projects.

You can use No-Cap Mica on all levels of your glass, including capping it with clear powder or sheet glass.

Experiment and test with your favorite techniques, and try stretching the boundaries of what you thought glass could do. Oh, the possibilities! Enjoy!!