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Fusible Float Glass, which is

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Float glass Frit

Glassy Cuts offers a large variety of colored frit. YES! Frit for float glass. Offering sizes powder to F5, and only a small amount of frit is required to achieve full saturation. This high quality frit will cover Float (Window Glass) with a COE of 82+-3. That means it covers float/window glass from COE 79-85, so it can be used on all float glass, from repurposed glass and bottles to frame glass or window glass.

Learn more about the many benefits of Float Glass, System 82 HERE.

No-Cap Mica

(Still Cappable!)

Now available in Systems 82, 96, and Bullseye, you’re going to want to check this out!

Pre-Cut Glass Shapes

Glassy Cuts pre-cut fuseable float glass shapes are ready to use as single ornaments or in your fusible, stained glass or mosaic projects. They hold their edge with a single layer, so only one shape is needed per project. 

Pre-Fired glass

Our pre-fired, pre-designed mosaic glass can be used for any mosaic, fused, stained glass soldered, glued, or grouted project.


Learn more about the incredible benefits of System 82!

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