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Here's How Glassy Cuts Work

  • Glassy Cuts are Pre-Cut fusible glass shapes that are ready for you to decorate with frit and fuse in your own kiln.
  • Available in System 82 Float Glass and System 90

We are excited to bring you Glassy Cuts!
No need to get your saw out, we have done the work for you!
We created pre-cut fusible glass shapes for you to decorate and fuse in your own studio. There are lots of shapes to chose from and ONLY ONE SHAPE IS NEEDED PER PROJECT!

Glassy Cuts are easy to use. Simply chose one Glassy Cuts design and then use stencils, free hand techniques or enamel sifters to apply frit on the surface of your Glassy Cuts. Lastly, fuse in your own kiln with our firing schedule. You can also use our per-colored, pre-designed Mosaic Glass to cut and arrange on the surface of any Glassy Cuts then fuse in your own kiln.


All shapes are available in System 82 Float Glass. We are also the provider for System 82 Float Glass frit to use on our Glassy Cuts or any float glass projects.
Great for artist, teachers and hobbyist!

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