Weight .09 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 in
Glass System Options

82, NA


Glassy Cuts are easy to use.  Simply chose one Glassy Cuts design and then use stencils, free hand techniques or enamel sifters to apply frit on the surface of your Glassy Cuts. Lastly, fuse in your own kiln with our firing schedule.
System 82 Float Glass vs System 90 -
Glassy Cuts come in System 82 Float Glass or System 90 Bullseye glass.
Each system requires the use of it's own system of frit so that the Glassy Cuts and frit
are compatible. It is not recommended that you mix systems.
Both systems will give you a beautiful end product but there are some differences.

We offer both systems in case you are already have system 90 in your studio.

  • Both system of glass are the same thickness. The float glass is 1/8" and the system 90 glass is 4mm.
  •  No need to stack the glass, you only need one shape of either system then decorate and fuse it.
  • The float glass is a harder glass therefore will hold a more firm edge than system 90 when working with Glassy Cuts.  That means the little details show up more with the float system after it has been fired.  Designs will round more when using system 90 but you will still be able to see great shape.
  •  You will need to apply less frit when using the float system.
  • System 82 Float glass is less expensive but you will not lose quality.
  • For your convenience, we carry all the color frit for system 82, and system 82 mosaic glass. See the shop page.
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