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Fun with Mosaics!

Mosaic glass is pre-colored, pre-designed System 82 Float Glass that comes in 8x8 sheets. They can be cut up, arranged and glue to the surface of our Glassy Cuts or any Float glass, then fuse to make wonderful Mosaic glass shapes.
Directions: Simply use your glass cutter to score on the top or bottom of the Mosaic glass, break on the score line and glue with glass tac glue to the surface of our Glassy Cuts or any float glass.  Then use our firing schedule to fuse the glass together.
Design notes:

  • It’s best if the color layer or top side of the mosaic glass in facing up when glued to the surface of the Glassy Cuts.
  • If the mosaic glass is highly textured just score on the bottom of the glass when cutting.
  • In gap areas, it’s fun to fill them in with our System 82 size 4 frit

For More information, check out our How To Page!

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