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We are excited to bring you Glassy Cuts!

Glassy cuts is a company located in Silverdale, Washington and apart of the Lisa Stirrett glass Art Studio. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality glass shapes, designs and colorants for you to use as a base for your own fused glass projects. Our mission is to help you create stunning works of art that impact and inspire and our vision is to be a globally recognized art brand that empowers women.

Glassy Cuts was developed years ago in hopes to give our customers unique fused shapes to hang in the garden, on a Christmas tree, on the wall or in a window.  Our customers have loved them so much we thought we should offer our blank shapes to artist, teachers and hobbyists alike!  We now have over 100 + shapes to choose from and carry a multitude of mosaic glass and tons of vibrant colored float glass frit for you to use in your studio.

Lisa’s studio is not only a place where Lisa can create but a place where she can give back both locally and globally.  We call ourselves the Creative Warriors and believe we are all Warriors for something. What are you a Warrior for?  Check out how our creations give back and our Creative Warrior Projects.





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Women’s Empowerment


We have partnered with Walk in the Light International and started aPay It Forward Program to help women in Burkina Faso, West Africa start in country sustainable business. The sales of our tea lights goes to fund the program so every dollar donated keeps rolling from one women to another. Lisa and Tara travel to Burkina to meet with their directors and women 1-2 times a year and just recently started a sewing school in one of the villages.


Freedom Butterfly Wall


With the sales of our Freedom Butterflies and creation of our Freedom Butterfly Walls we give back 40% of the proceeds and partner with Shared Hope International to stop sex trafficking.


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